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Bank Muamalat Participates in 2019 National Customer Day

Have you heard about Harpelnas? Harpelnas, which stands for “Hari Pelanggan Nasional” (National Customer Day), was introduced by a renowned marketing expert Handi Irawan in 2003 and it is celebrated every September 4th each year. The aim of this moment is to encourage company spirit and satisfy customers. In line with this, Bank Muamalat is also eager to participate through this moment with various special activities.


Last year, the directors of Bank Muamalat directly served customers only at the Bank Muamalat branch office, but this year some of the directors visited customer locations. CEO of Bank Muamalat Achmad K. Permana visits Muhammadiyah School on Jalan Limau, South Jakarta. On the same occasion, Compliance Director Andri Donny also became a guest teacher for the Muhammadiyah School students from elementary, junior high and high school levels to deliver “Financial Management for Millennials.”




In the Q and A session, Mr. Permana gave questions about the material that was delivered by Mr. Andri Donny to the students. To brighten up the moment, he also gave questions about football. As a result the students were so enthusiast in answering questions, especially when they get surprise prizes, it was very exciting!


Further more, Chief of Human Capital, Riksa Prokoso, also dropped in directly to provide services through the SalaMuamalat Call Center at 15000-16. While other Directors have served customers in several branch offices, including Operations Director Awaldi at KCU Puri Indah, Finance Director Hery Syafril at KCP Tanah Abang, Retail Banking Director Purnomo B. Soetadi at KPO Muamalat Tower, Risk Director Avianto Istihardjo at KCU Fatmawati, and Chief Corporate Banking Irvan Yulian Noor at KCU Pondok Indah.





Not only in Jakarta, several branch offices in various regions such as the Sulawesi, Makassar, Papua (Sulampua) Region also eager to present special experience for their customers by serving in costumes in accordance to their respective regions. While the other branch offices distribute cactus as souvenirs. Cactus symbolizes the spirit of Bank Muamalat to help preserve nature, in line with the spirit of #AyoHijrah



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