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Avoid Overspending during Ramadan: Here's How

Avoid Overspending during Ramadan: Here's How

Ramadan is a month full of blessings and hope, where Muslims worldwide strive to increase their worship and devotion to Allah SWT. During this holy month, we must also pay attention to our finances to perform worship peacefully and without worries.

Here are some tips for managing finances during Ramadan.

Create a Financial Plan

The first thing to do is to create a detailed financial plan. Once you receive your salary, it's important to create a financial plan right away so that your money doesn't just vanish without any purpose.

The financial plan should include essential expenses such as electricity bills, water bills, Eid al-Fitr bonus, Zakat (Islamic charity), Sadaqah (voluntary charity), and meals during Ramadan. By creating a financial plan, we can avoid unnecessary expenses and allocate money correctly.

Avoid Non-Essential Purchases

During Ramadan, we need to avoid overspending to avoid a shortage of money. Only purchase items that are necessary or spend money on things that are required. We can manage our expenses by making a shopping list and controlling it well.


Investment can be a suitable choice for managing finances during Ramadan. By investing, we can get more significant profits than regular savings. Many investment products, such as deposits, mutual funds, or stocks, can be chosen. Before selecting an investment product, we must consider our risk profile and investment goals.

Look for Discounts

During Ramadan, many stores offer discounts or bargains. The deals can help us save money. However, we need to be wise in utilizing these discounts and avoid getting caught up in the temptation to buy unnecessary items.

In performing worship during Ramadan, organized and efficient finances are essential. By following the tips above, we can manage our finances better and avoid a shortage of money. In addition, managing finances well can also help us focus on worship and improve the quality of life during Ramadan.

Manage Money Safely and Conveniently

As a digital banking app, Muamalat DIN can be a solution to manage finances during Ramadan easily and efficiently. Muamalat DIN provides various features such as interbank transfers, bill payments, buying credit, etc. Besides, with Muamalat DIN, we can monitor financial transactions in real time and manage finances more efficiently.

Get the convenience of managing finances during Ramadan with Muamalat DIN and enjoy worship peacefully and comfortably, BMers!

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