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Step to avoid the risk of theft of your ATM data

Assalaamu’alaikum Bmers!


At present almost everyone has an ATM card facility. With the development of these facilities, of course there are also more risks, one of which is commonly called skimming. Skimming is the activity of theft of ATM / Debit card data belonging to bank customers through the use of a skimmer tool placed on an ATM machine. Then this skimmer will duplicate ATM / debit card data via magnetic stripe found on the customer's ATM / debit card.


Well, for that you need to avoid the risk of theft of ATM data above so that your data remains safe. Here are some ways you can practice to avoid the crime of skimming.


1. Use transaction PIN that is not predictable.

One of the loopholes in ATM data theft is through an ATM PIN. ATM PINs usually consist of 4 to 6 characters and people tend to use easily memorized numbers such as birth dates and sequential numbers. ATM data collectors are usually aware of this, so you should use a PIN number that is not easily guessed so that the gap from the risk of theft of your ATM data can be minimized.


2. Change the PIN regularly.

In addition to using a PIN that is not easy to guess, you should also update data or change your PIN periodically to keep it safe. This is to avoid the risk of data theft of course.


3. Don't tell the PIN to anyone. The bank clerk or contact center of the bank will never ask for the customer's PIN.

ATM PIN is very confidential and only known by the customer so that when opening a savings account the customer is usually always given a closed paper containing an ATM PIN number that can only be opened by the customer concerned. Because it is very confidential, the bank officers must not know this and will never ask this customer for the PIN. For that you also have to maintain confidentiality by not notifying the PIN to other parties.


4. Use an ATM machine that is located in a crowded place, has a security officer and is supervised by CCTV.

ATM machines are indeed spread in various locations, but it's good if you choose the location according to the explanation above to minimize the risk of skimming / theft of customer ATM data.


5. Use your hands to cover your fingers when pressing the ATM PIN.

At this time there are many ATM machines that use the cover above the PIN button, but if you find the PIN button that has not yet been closed, you can use your hand to cover the finger when typing the ATM PIN number.


6. Report immediately to Salamuamalat 15000-16 and to local security officers if they find equipment that is not usually found on an ATM machine or if the use of an ATM / Debit card does not run smoothly.

If you experience unusual things, immediately contact your greeting center at the number above to confirm, at least if the card is swallowed or there are indications of skimming then you can block the card via Salamalamamalat.


7. Pay attention to the card reader (where to insert the ATM card on the machine), whether it looks scratched, loose, bent or out of place. If a suspicious condition is found, immediately cancel the transaction on the ATM machine and use another ATM machine that is safer.

This is important to note so that you can act quickly to cancel your transaction when there are indications of ATM skimming or data theft


8. Be sensitive to surrounding conditions, for example if there is a suspicious ATM user, immediately notify the security officer.

Pay attention to the conditions around the ATM where you will or are planning to do transactions via ATM. If there is anything suspicious then you can immediately report to the local security officer.


9. Use the SMS / Email Notification facility from the Bank to monitor financial transactions

You can use this facility by registering it through the local Bank Muamalat branch office so that if there is a suspicious transaction, you can immediately find out via sms or email notification.

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