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Employee's Spotlight

Agustian Mauludin, Project Manager

Muamalat Associate Program Digital Banking
MAP Digital Banking exceed my expectation, we learn so much about digital banking business including how to develop products with agile approach. My goals is to boost the growth of sharia banking business to adapt well in this VUCA era, even bigger, to help sharia banking to lead the business in the hopefully, near future, Aamiin
Employee's Spotlight

Felicia Amanda Putri, Trainee

Muamalat Associate Program Wholesale Banking
MAP WB is an acceleration program that provides a lot of knowledge and is designed to be fun and enjoyable for future professional leaders of Bank Muamalat Indonesia. My ambition by joining this program is to become a professional sharia banker who can brings good impacts and develop Bank Muamalat's contribution to the economic growth especially in sharia banking
Employee's Spotlight

Indah Larasati, Trainee

Muamalat Associate Program SME Banking
Muamalat is the first pure Islamic bank in Indonesia, making this program a rich source of insights and experiences for anyone in the field. Through this program, we develop both hard and soft skills, as we learn about many different things. My goal is to establish my career as a professional sharia banker with high quality, integrity, and dedication. Through Islamic banking, I want to convey to many people the remarkable nature of Islamic economic activity.
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