Muamalat Multicurrency

Muamalat Multicurrency is to facilitate fund transfer for noncommonly traded currency (exotic currency) to various countries. We provide transfer service for 132 currencies in a competitive exchange rate.


This service provides solution for customer who needs to transfer USD to non-US countries, in non-USD currencies. For example, customers could send fund to Sweden in Swedish Krona from their USD deposited in Muamalat Multicurrency.



  • Worldwide network of Correspondent Banks in 190 countries.
  • Supported by reliable system.
  • Assistancy during instruction sending for the customer to comply additional informations requested by destination country.



  • Safe and trusted.
  • Competitive and updated exchange rate everyday.
  • For exchange rate, 24 hour protection is available
  • Fund transferred in local currency, spares beneficiary from fluctuative exchange rate
  • More convenient for the customers, since exchange rate obtained at the time of transfer instruction


Contact Us:

For more information, please call SalaMuamalat 1500016, Bank Muamalat nearest branch of our Treasury Sales Staff via Treasury Sales Department – (021) 80666605, 80666606, 80666607.