About Muamalat
About Muamalat

Muamalat Cleans 260 Mosques Concurrently Within the Framework of the 26th Anniversary as an Effort to Serve the Ummah

Jakarta, April 28, 2018 - PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk ("Bank Muamalat") held a Clean Mosque Movement event to celebrate its 26th Anniversary. The movement was held simultaneously in 260 mosques in the area of ​​Bank Muamalat in Indonesia as well as Kuala Lumpur Muamalat Branch Office.

Clean Movement The mosque carries the tagline "Bersih Masjidnya, Khusyuk Ibadahnya", which is the purpose of this event, namely the proof of Bank Muamalat's concern for the importance of cleanliness and comfort in worship. This initiative is run by Bank Muamalat in welcoming the celebration of Milad in the age of more than quarter of this century, and appreciate the people, especially those who live in the neighborhood around Bank Muamalat.

The event started from 7 am to 12 pm and was attended by the Board of Directors, all employees spread in a number of mosques, and followed by mosque officials and the community in the neighborhood around the mosque.

President Director of Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Achmad K. Permana conveyed "The Clean Movement of the Mosque is one of several series of the 26th Anniversary of Bank Muamalat, which we expect to be a new beginning, a new step, and a new spirit for us to continue to provide added value as a Sharia Bank that always serves the ummah. "




In addition to cleaning the mosque, Bank Muamalat also donate the completeness of mosque equipment such as digital prayer clock, hygiene kits, and prayer tools in the hope that it can be more beneficial for the community in the neighborhood around the mosque to be more solemn in worship.

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