Bank Muamalat as a sharia bank that persistency maintain its purity, challenge you to join the team and uphold the excellence of sharia economic, along with developing your true competence in being a professional sharia banking


Our commitment on developing employees as the company’s capital and strategy, makes Bank Muamalat attained the professional, tough and qualified talent.

Bank Muamalat open the opportunities for fresh graduates to develop themselves and learn the sharia knowledge direct from the expert.
For the professionals who have years of experiences, joining Bank Muamalat will give an advantage for their self development either as a professional or as a personal.


Muamalat Officer Development Program Future Leader (MODP FL)March 15, 2019


Bank Muamalat is proud with the Islami | Modern | Profesional culture, that will bring Bank Muamalat to uphold sharia economic in Indonesia. The Islami’s value will preserve the purity, integrity, and compliance of Muamalat’s people in doing their function. Modern’s value will make Muamalat’s people more responsive, open dan continuously innovate. While Professional’s value make sure that Muamalat’s people develop their competence, always sinergized with others and prioritize customer focus.


Bank Muamalat always tries to fulfill employee’s benefit, either on financial or non financial aspects. Non financial benefit is shown by having facilities and program that touch people through keeping their phyisical fitness, emotional quotient and spiritual side. Employee’s benefit is a main program of the Human Capital that continuously being evaluated according to the needs and market.


Bank Muamalat’s commitment as the first pure sharia bank is to continuously being the learning center for all sharia bank in Indonesia. This commitment makes Bank Muamalat tries persistenly developing it’s knowledge and skills.

Employee Spotlight

Andri Tri Kurniawan
Legal - RFC Regional Jakarta

Working at Bank Muamalat is one of the most beautiful gift that I get, because in Bank Muamalat I can get good syariah banking knowledge and according to its Shari'a and of course Insyaa Allah sustenance obtained kosher and blessing.

Angga Fury Utami
Branch Manager

To learn Sharia knowledge directly from the expert, when I joined Muamalat Officer Development Program, makes me a complete sharia banker.

Muamalat Officer Development Program

Working in sharia banking teaches me that the world and the hereafter can go hand in hand with Bank Muamalat. I get both at once in every second I use at work. InshaAllah the spirit of "Dakwah first, business follows" accompanies each step of Bank Muamalat employees.

Resourcing Officer

The continuous challenge and opportunities to interact with professional sharia banker drives me to continuously develop my competence.