Product & Services
Product & Services
Muamalat Priority

Special Service and Convenience Transaction

1. Priority Lane
    Dedicated service line in a number of Main Branches specifically for Priority Muamalat Customer transactions. Simply show your Shar-E Debit

    Muamalat Priority card to bank staff.


 2. Priority Parking
    Special parking for Priority Muamalat Customers in a number of Main Branches. Simply show your Shar-E Debit Muamalat Priority card to

    security officers.


 3. Priority Business Lounge *
    Room facilities that can be used by Priority Bank Muamalat customers for various meetings with colleagues (capacity: ± 20 people).


 4. Priority Private Dealing Room *

    Room facilities that provide comfort and privacy in conducting various transactions, and can be used for meetings with colleagues

    (capacity of 4 - 5 people).


 5. Priority Meeting Room *
    Meeting room facilities equipped with Wifi, LED TV and Board (capacity of 12 people).


 6. Safe Deposit Box (SDB) *
    Document storage facilities for your valuable goods.


 7. Ballroom *
    Large scale meeting room facilities (capacity of 100 people).


* Service can be enjoyed at Muamalat Tower branch