Product & Services
Product & Services
Muamalat Priority

Sharia Financial Solution

Wide range of sharia deposit and financing products to suit the needs of the Customer:

a. iB Hijrah Prima Saving Account
    • Savings with competitive profit sharing and profitable waad ratio
    • Shar-E Debit Priority Card for felixible transactions and a variety of advantages
    • Selection of easy to remember account numbers

b. iB Hijrah Prima Saving Account
    Term deposits with benefits and prizes according to customer choice

c. iB Hijrah Term Saving Account
    Financial planning solutions to better plan your future

d. iB Hijrah Giro Account
    Financial transaction solutions that provide peace of mind

e. iB Hijrah Deposit Account
    • Term deposits that provide optimum results and security
    • Choice of term and currency (IDRor US Dollar)

f.  iB Muamalat KPR
    • Residential ownership financing facility with Super Light Loan program
    • Free of administration fees and 10% discount on insurance premium

g. iB Muamalat Working Capital loan
    Business financing facility to support the growth of your business

h. iB Muamalat Multipurpose loan
    Financing facility for various needs


Wide range of products to grow and comprehensively protect your assets

a. SUKUK (State Retail Syariah Securities)
    • Securities issued by the government based on sharia principles
    • Fixed profits with competitive rates paid monthly
    • High liquidity and low tax rates

b. Bancassurance
    Insurance that simultaneously offers protection and long-term sharia compliant investment