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About Muamalat
Oct 20, 2017

Bank Muamalat Helps Economic Empowerment of Jembrana Community



Jembrana, October 20, 2017 - PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Tbk. ("Bank Muamalat") inaugurated the Social Trust Fund Program Unit (STF) to facilitate access to capital in Banjar Melaya Tengah Kaja, Melaya Village, Melaya District, Jembrana District, Bali. The program is expected to develop existing micro-enterprises in Jembrana, so that the economic productivity of the community can grow well.


At the inauguration ceremony, Awaldi Human Resources Director of Bank Muamalat said, STF Program Unit is in line with the spirit of Bank Muamalat to build sharia economy in Indonesia. "Through such programs, Bank Muamalat hopes that local self-help can be formed through the integration of potential and human resources," said Awaldi.


Awaldi added that the STF Program Unit in Jembrana is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity of Bank Muamalat in collaboration with Dompet Dhuafa. This program is one way to build a sustainable local NGO infrastructure through the integration of community-based resource potentials, with Islamic microfinance institutions. The STF program itself focuses on the economic empowerment of mustahik in disaster areas, coastal, rural and urban areas especially marginal ones.

In the long run, Bank Muamalat & Dompet Dhuafa targets to empower 50 to 100 heads of households in the first year of the implementation of the STF Program Unit in Jembrana. Funds amounting to Rp 201.23 million allocated to the program are targeted to continue rolling which is used to develop micro business.

Desa Melaya was chosen as the location of program activities because it was in line with program objectives. In this area many pre-prosperous families mostly work in the informal sector such as farmers, fishermen, street vendors, laborers, and so on. Most of the people of Melaya Village have not had much interaction with financial institutions or even difficult access to existing conventional financing institutions.

"Hopefully the people of Melaya Village can benefit from this program as well as possible and Insha Allah be a blessing for all of us," added Awaldi.


For additional information, Bank Muamalat and Dompet Dhuafa have previously cooperated in other CSR activities, such as Floating Ambulance to facilitate access to adequate health services for communities in the outer islands of Indonesia and Green Horti program, which is integral & comprehensive empowerment for economic independence mustahik, especially in fields of agriculture.


About PT Bank Muamalat Indonesia Indonesia, Tbk

  1. Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Tbk is a pioneer of sharia banking. Founded on November 1, 1991 and started operations on May 1, 1992 and up to now Bank Muamalat Indonesia continues to maintain its existence. Since its establishment, Bank Muamalat Indonesia continues to innovate by launching superior products. Shar-E Gold Debit Card Bank Muamalat became the first chip card that can be used to transact cost-free in millions of merchants worldwide. Shar-E Gold Debit Card even won the title as the first Chip-Based Shariah Debit Card in Indonesia by Indonesian Record Museum (MURI). Arsenal Debit Card, whose new design was launched in early August 2017, has also implemented national standard chip technology (NSICCS) for customer transaction security in accordance with the provisions of Bank Indonesia.


Until now, Bank Muamalat Indonesia has 338 network service offices throughout Indonesia. Innovation by Bank Muamalat Indonesia continues. Muamalat Mobile service, product launch of Zafirah Proteksi Sejahtera, cooperation with Arsenal FC world football club, is part of transformation of Bank Muamalat Indonesia into an Islamic, Modern and Professional Bank.


Currently, Bank Muamalat Indonesia is owned by shareholders of Islamic Development Bank or IDB (32.7%), Boubyan Bank, Kuwait (22.0%), Atwill Holdings Limited, Saudi Arabia (17.9%), National Bank of Kuwait (8.5%), and several other business entities and individuals. Boubyan Bank is owned by National Bank of Kuwait.





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