Consumer & Retail Banking
Consumer & Retail Banking
Jun 29, 2018

Save your Holiday Expense with Bank Muamalat Debit Card Promo

Assalaamu'alaikum Bmers!

Vacation is a moment that many people look forward to. Some take advantage of the holiday for refreshing from the daily routine, clashing with the family or to try new experiences. For that usually many of us who prepare everything for the holidays and that is not less important is the cost. Well, ideally the cost of the holiday should have been prepared from long ago so that your vacation needs do not disrupt the daily cash flow.


But sometimes when the preparation of the holiday funds do not fit the target so many things that need to be saved in order to keep the holiday running smoothly. If so you do not need to feel confused because you can take advantage of various promo discounts, one promo discount card Debit Bank Muamalat. There are many options promo Muamalat Bank Debit card that you can use during the year 2018, among other promo tourist attractions, food, and hotels. These promotions can certainly save the cost of your holiday so it is more economical.




One of the requirements to be able to use the promo of Bank Muamalat debit card is to first open Bank Muamalat Saving Account with Bank Muamalat Shar-e Debit Card facility, thus you automatically become a customer of Bank Muamalat. The requirement to open a Tabungan Bank Muamalat account is sufficient by attaching the original ID and NPWP as well as the initial deposit of 100 thousand Rupiah. His ATM card options are also varied, namely Debit Shar-e Gold, Shar-e Reguler, and Bank Muamalat Prioritas ATM cards.


During the year 2018 you can take advantage of discount promo above by using debit card Bank Muamalat as in one promo with the title "Back to Nature With Dago Dreampark" where you get a special price A ticket worth Rp 20 thousand for each transaction with value minimum Rp. 100 thousand using the Bank Muamalat Shar-E Debit Card, for this promo each Shar-E Debit Muamalat card can be used for maximum purchase of 2 tickets and valid every day until 31 October 2018. Other promotions that you can benefit like 50% Discount on JungleLand Bogor where you will get 50% discount for JungleLand entry ticket purchase (on location / offline) using Sharit E Bank Debit Card Muamalat.


In addition to the above promos, you can also see other promo card debit Bank Muamalat here! Let's not miss the promo, your holiday would be more efficient and exciting.

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